Happy Birthday 2019, Adrienne!

This is your Life … so far.

(Your challenge week inspired me to use black-and-white pictures.)

You were quite young when we met for the first time.

Adri_03 Grey Scale 300

From the very start, your big sister loved you.

Michell_and_Adri Grey Scale 400 

Your Mother and I loved you too.

Parents 300 

After they knew you, Richard and Linda loved you too.

Richard and Linda 200

In time, you grew and met the love of your life …

Adri_and_Cliff_27-Oct-2012_05 Grey Scale 400

… and gained a bigger family.

Adrienne with her men! Grey Scale 400

You have a great life, but …

… the one thing that I want to know is …

Vertical Elipsis 100

Who are these strange-looking People?

Who are these Strange People

Have a Very Happy Birthday, Adrienne!
2 Blank Lines

Keep an eye on your cake.

Cat 01