Has It Really Been 50 Years?


1 Alone 600

For many years, you were separate …
… neither knowing of the other.


2 Meeting 600W

Then, one day, you met.


3 Something More 600

On June 22, 1969, you became much more than friends.


4 Twins 600

Before you knew it, the two of you became four.


As you moved through the years …

5 Spats 600W

Sometimes, you disagreed …


6 Together 600W

But soon, you found a path together.


7 Relaxed 342

Most of the time, you just lived …
… knowing you had each other.



When you started your journey, you weren’t sure where it would lead. 50 years ago, you wisely chose to travel together. The journey continues. May you share another 50 years … and may they be even better than the first.


Trailer 01 600W