Have a Happy 66th Birthday!

Where have the years gone?

I remember when you were only 65.


66 is a special number.

Not only is there a U.S. Highway with that number …

Route 66 Old

There’s an Interstate Highway with the same number.

Route 66 New

How’s that for fame and popularity?


Sixty-six is a versatile age. “Years” isn’t its only measuring unit.

This year, when you reach your birth time, you’ll have lived through 16 leap years (5,856 days). The remaining 50 regular years provide another 18,250 days. At your birth time on June 22, 2019, you’ll be exactly 24,106 days old … or 578,544 hours … or 34,712,640 minutes … or 2,082,758,400 seconds.

Does knowing that make you feel old?


Speaking of feeling old … for years, I’ve thought of you as my “baby sister”, but I’m beginning to think that I was inaccurate.

When you turned one, your age was only 11% of mine, but a year later, you’d jumped to 20%. By the time you were 8, you had managed … in only 7 years … to close the gap to 50%.


I worked it out. By the time you reach 100, your age will be 93% of mine.


By 2479, the difference will be only 1%. Take a look at this graph.

Betsys Age divided by Terrys Age 1953-2479 1000W



So … for the 66th time, enjoy the first full day of Summer.

Stonehedge 600W A

Happy Birthday 66 03 600W

Have Happy Birthday and a great year … and may the next 66 be even better.