End Notes Experiment #1

The LIST block does not want to be hacked.[1] This makes sense, of course. If the Gutenberg editor allowed intra-block changes, the inconsistencies would reduce and eventually destroy the whole block editor concept.

My old “End Notes” structure requires a list with embedded bookmarks.[2] An HTML block with a bookmark is easy. A LIST block with “Return” links is easy. Adding bookmarks to the list items violates LIST block structure. Building the End Notes list in a large HTML block is incredibly cumbersome.[3] This experiment is an effort to find an acceptable way to modify the End Notes so that it can be built with a series of PARAGRAPH blocks interspersed with bookmarks in HTML blocks.

End Notes

This is End Note #1. When it wraps, it will not have the “hanging indentation” of a typical list element. What I’m looking for is a way of presenting the entry in a way that the enumeration looks good.

Return to Reference Point

OK. Number 1 looks good. This will show me how two consecutive entries. I may need a SPACER block between them.

Return to Reference Point

It does look better with a roughly quarter inch high SPACER block. As an additional experiment, “Returns 2 and 3” are consecutive. Both “Return to Reference Point” links should return to the same or almost the same spot.

Return to Reference Point