Thou Shalt Not Kill

This morning, we woke to the news of the worst mass killing in United States history. The President declared it an act of both hate and terror. Who cares how it’s labeled?

50* people are dead. 53 more are wounded. What part of “Thou shalt not kill” don’t we understand?

How can we keep doing this to each other? What is wrong with us? Are we so filled with fear and hate that we see this as the only way?


We cannot blame crazy people with guns. There are lots of “crazy people” who don’t commit mass murder. A large portion of our population who have guns are horrified by this sort of news.


We cannot blame each other’s religion. No religion believes that God wants us to destroy each other.

ANIMALS_605 Cropped

We cannot blame political, religious, or secular leaders. Without followers, they are nothing. Ultimately, each of us is responsible for our individual thoughts and behaviors.

Looking Elsewhere

We cannot look elsewhere to place the blame.

Turning Our Backs

We cannot turn our backs on the problem … or each other.

Maybe we aren’t all ready to love each other. Maybe we can’t all stop fearing and hating each other. We can at least stop killing each other because, if we don’t, we and our civilization are doomed.

“We have met the Enemy and he is Us.”

* Contrary to popular opinion (as defined by the media), the shooter was a person too. Being the perpetrator of a heinous act does not deprive one of his humanity.
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