Updates to Older Posts

Recent Updates

27-Jul-2016: ISMs added to “What are you trying to say?

Purpose of this Entry

When I create a new post, WordPress.com sends an e-mail to those who have chosen to follow my blog. They receive no automated e-mail when I update or add to an earlier post.

Some of my posts are open-ended (e.g.,”What are you trying to say?” and “Shaggy Dog Stories”). With this entry, I’m attempting to notify my Followers whenever I add to or update an old post.

How It Will Work

Whenever I add to or update an earlier post,

  • I’ll delete this note.
  • I’ll re-enter this note with the Recent Updates section reflecting the addition(s) and/or update(s).
  • I’ll re-publish this note to trigger the WordPress.com automatic e-mail.


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