Muddy Waters

Let’s not forget. Both of are major political parties had a Gold Star Parent speak at their national conventions. In that, neither is above reproach. The Republicans had Pat Smith  who holds Hillary Clinton responsible for her son’s death. The Democrats had Khizr Khan who questions Donald Trump’s understanding of the Constitution.

When questioned, both candidates expressed sympathy for the aggrieved parent and respect for the sacrificed child. Each candidate should have stopped with that … but, of course, neither did. Hillary questioned Pat’s memory … or veracity. Donald made a comment about Mrs. Khan’s demeanor … implying that she may have been forbidden to speak.

Each candidate has since dealt with the criticism in her or his own way. Hoping it will just go away, Hillary has not mentioned Pat’s accusation … except when asked. Donald has taken to Twitter saying that Khizr has no right to criticize him. (Maybe he needs to read/re-read the First Amendment.)

When it comes to Gold Star Families, neither candidate is pristine.

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