The Truth Today — Issue 1

Note: This update represents a change in the format of “The Truth Today”.
           The title of each issue will be The Truth Today — Issue nnn.
           The headline will appear as shown below.

Are Xenophobes Working in the Trump Whitehouse?

Sources indicate that there are xenophobes working within the Trump Administration. Many are hiding in the so-called “deep state”.  Some are close advisers to the President and may be working in areas that could negatively impact our National Security.

Those in the know have risked exposure because they believe the public should be warned about this hidden danger. There have even been rumors of Homophobes at the highest levels of the Office of the Vice President. We have been unable to get an official response from the Trump Administration on either of these allegations.

Some say that Xenophobes and Homophobes can be cured. Others disagree. We will leave that to scientists, ministers, and educators. “The Truth Today” asks,

  • Why is the White House remaining silent? What are they hiding? Who are they protecting? How high in our Executive branch does this go?
  • Why are we hearing nothing from Congress? Have they too been infiltrated?
  • What about the Supreme Court and the lower courts? Is there a conspiracy to subvert our Judicial System and Constitutional guarantees?

It is the duty of every freedom-loving American to demand answers. *



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* ”The Truth Today” maintains the high standards of journalism of its idol, “The Weekly World News“.

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