Whose World Is It?

The original intent of the title “Whose World Is It” was to demonstrate that we humans have a responsibility to something beyond our own needs and desires. Are we the kings and queens of the Earth … or just a nuisance to other life on the planet? If not us, to whom does the world belong? The Animals? The Plants? The real Rulers of the World are invisible to us. They are the microscopic plants and animals … a trillion species that live in and around us and all other macroorganisms. So be careful where you step.  Wink 01 36You wouldn’t want to hurt several billion little flora and fauna, would you?

A question asked and answered in 8 or 9 sentences wouldn’t have been much of an article, would it? Let’s look at the human part of the question. From our perspective alone, whose world is it?


Conspiracy 01 200In the United States, Conspiracy Theories abound. If a famous person dies under even slightly mysterious circumstances, a Conspiracy Theory raises its head. If a scientifically ignorant person hears an unusual technical term (like polar vortex), it’s global climate change propaganda. One of the most incredible technical achievements in human history … the Apollo Program … was clearly a fake produced on a soundstage. All secret societies are obviously up to mischief. Among the most famous (or are they infamous) conspiracies and/or conspiracy groups are … the New World Order, the Freemasons (aka the Masons), the Illuminati, the Knights Templar, the Rosicrucians, the Discordians, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the activities at the Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, MK Ultra, the Deep State in the United States, Majestic 12, the military of the first world nations, and no end of UFO cover-ups.

New World Order 200Many of the prominent Conspiracy Theories revolve around the “New World Order” … the idea that some secret group of people in power have  been and continue to be manipulating human history … for years if not centuries … for their own nefarious purposes and to the detriment of the bulk of humanity. Who are these people? Do we know? Of course, we do. They are the Freemasons … or the Illuminati … or the Rosicrucians … or the Trilateral Commission … or the Bilderberg Group … or the Bohemians … or Majestic 12 … or the “Men in Black” … or any other secretive group you might name or imagine. Maybe Discordianism started as a parody but has morphed into a cover for the New World Order. Conspiracy 05 200Maybe, rather than being destroyed on Friday, October 13, 1307, the Knights Templar went underground and have been guiding world politics ever since. Maybe the Deep State isn’t just a U.S. manifestation, but a world-wide shadow government. Maybe Fox Mulder has been right all along.

Why Conspiracies?

Why are so many of us interested in conspiracies? What is their fascination? Why do some of us focus so much energy on a favored Conspiracy Theory? In his October 15, 2017 Time article entitled “Why So Many People Believe Conspiracy Theories“, Jeffrey Kluger lists the most common reasons:

  1. “A party or group that’s out of power will be more inclined to believe in conspiracies than a group that’s in power.”
  2. Those who want to be special or different are more likely to foster Conspiracy Theories. (President Trump seems drawn to this reason.)
  3. Conspiracy Theories may be an attempt to make sense of a seemingly chaotic reality. (I like this one.)

Care and Feeding of a Conspiracy

After choosing a conspiracy, one tends to look for anything that confirms the theory. Great Seal 04 Front and Back on Dollar 150 with top borderOne of the best examples of this tendency is how the Great Seal of the United States … shown on the back of the one dollar bill …links the country to the Knights Templar, the Masons, and the Illuminati. (Of course, Conspiracy Theorists know they’re really all one group.) Furthermore, the Great Seal “proves” that the United States of America is part of the “New World Order”. Let’s take a closer look.

Great Seal 03 Front on Dollar 250This is the front of the Great Seal of the United States. Note how often the mystical number 13 occurs … 13 stars; 13 stripes; 13 leaves and 13 berries on the branch in the Eagle’s right claw; 13 arrows in the Eagle’s left claw; 13 letters in the Latin phrase “E Pluribus Unum” (out of many, one). Skeptics will say, “So what? Thirteen colonies became the thirteen original states.” The Conspiracy Theorist points out that, although the Declaration of Independence was passed in 1776 on July 4th, it wasn’t signed until Friday, August 2nd … and reminds the skeptic that the Knights Templar were outlawed, their leaders captured or killed, and forced underground on Friday the 13th in October 1307.

Great Seal 03 Back on Dollar 250Let’s look at the reverse side. Conspiracy Theorists know that the Eye of Providence or All Seeing Eye at the top of the pyramid is a symbol of the Freemasons. Never mind that they adopted the eye 14 years after the creation of the Great Seal. The Illuminati (probably) used the symbol too … and they predate the Great Seal. Annuit Coeptis over the Eye is usually translated as “Favors Undertakings” (i.e., the Eye of Providence Favors our Undertakings). The number 13 appears on this side too. There are 13 levels of stones in the unfinished pyramid. Conspiracy Theorists say that Novus Ordo Seclorum means “New World Order”, but Google Translate says it means  “New Order of the Ages“. (Could Google be secretly conquering the World? Maybe, but it wouldn’t be a very well-kept secret.)

The back of the Great Seal has a secret connection to the Masons visible only to those versed in mystic symbolism (or those able to use the Internet). Great Seal 03 Front and Back on Dollar with Hexagram and Top Margin 250To see this hidden code, create an isosceles triangle using the Eye as the vertex and the bottom of the Pyramid as the base. Then, superimpose a flipped copy of that triangle to form a well-known mystic symbol … the hexagram  (six-pointed star). The Eye forms one point of the star. Moving clockwise from the Eye, the other 5 point to the letters SMONA … an anagram for … you guessed it … MASON.

Obviously, Freemasons have been deeply entrenched in the United States since the beginning and the designers of the Great Seal encoded it for future members, right? Well …, not exactly. Among the members of the committees who designed the Great Seal, only Benjamin Franklin was a Freemason … and all of his ideas were rejected.

Yeah, but most of the Founding Fathers were Masons. That depends who you count as Founding Fathers and your definition of “most”. Nine (maybe ten) of the 56 signers (16% to 18%) of the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons. Thirty-nine men signed the Constitution. Thirteen (33%) were Freemasons. Paul Revere was a Freemason. George Washington was a Freemason.

Oh, right … George Washington and a lot of other Presidents were Masons. Again, what constitutes “a lot”? Of the 44 Presidents of the United States, 14 (32%) were Freemasons.

That’s the thing about Conspiracy Theories and their proponents. There’s always another “Yeah, but” or “Oh right” or “What if“. When all else fails, the Conspiracy Theorist gives a look of scorn or pity to the Skeptic who clearly doesn’t understand the danger of impending doom.


Worlds in Collision?

Some Conspiracy Theorists laugh at the idea of a New World Order. Undocumented Immigrants 150They’re much more concerned about the alien invasion. They’re not concerned with non-citizens (as pictured on the left). Grays 150They know that we’re being subjected to a secret invasion by non-humans. They know that UFOs are real. They know that creatures like these on the right are abducting some of us; stealing genetic material; and creating human-alien hybrids who will ultimately enslave or replace us. They know President Reagan’s “Star Wars” Initiative was secretly designed to fight off Conspiracy 02 150extraterrestrial invaders, but they also know that world governments are unable to protect us. Did we really go to the Moon? Was it faked? Was it cover for the dark ops space program? (NASA is, after all, a government agency.) Maybe Project MJ-12 never went away. Is the Truth really out there?


Double, Double Toil and Trouble

One thing is clear. Conspirators, whether they be secret societies, government agencies, or extraterrestrials  are always up to no good, aren’t they? Is that a requirement? Could there be a beneficial conspiracy? Many Ancient Astronauts Theorists think so. In  1968, Erich von Däniken brought the theory to popular awareness with his book “Chariots of the Gods“. Like Robert Ripley, von Däniken saw that there’s a lot of hard to believe stuff in our world. Like Charles Fort, he believed that mainstream science simply ignores anything that doesn’t fit their theories. Ancient Astronauts Theorists are skeptical of the limits that mainstream archaeologists, historians, and mythologists draw around the possible prehistory of our species and world.

Ancient Astronauts Theorists ask questions like:

  • Why are there pyramids in all parts of the world … and why has no mummy been found in any of them? Grave robbers might steal the Pharaoh’s riches, but why steal their bodies?
  • What’s the probability that the Sun is about 400 times larger than the Moon and about 400 times farther away? Without this unlikely equivalence, total Solar eclipses would not be so spectacular.
  • On the Giza plateau, the Sphinx faces the point that the Sun rises on the Vernal Equinox. In the ancient past, because of precession of the equinoxes, the Vernal Equinox would have occurred when the Sun was in Leo, the constellation of the Lion. The Sphinx has the body (and may once have had the head) of a lion. Could it have been built when it faced Leo? That was at least 10,500 years ago … about 8,000 years earlier than the date given be modern archeology.
  • In the Bible (particularly the Old Testament), God seems to be schizophrenic. One instant, He is demanding, judgmental, and destructive; the next instant, He is loving, forgiving, and protective. Could these stories be not about one God, but about two or more gods? The ancient Sumerian religion predates, and may be a source of, some of the earliest Old Testament stories. Zecharia Sitchin‘s interpretation of those religious writings speaks of two Annunaki brothers, Enlil and Enki. Enlil found humans to be annoying and dangerous. Enki was our supporter who protected us from his brother’s attempts to eliminate humanity.

The History Channel series “Ancient Aliens” (episode list here) discusses the ideas and anecdotal evidence that we are not alone in the Universe. We Are Not Alone 200“Ancient Aliens” includes, but is not limited to, the idea that our ancestors may have been visited by humanoid extraterrestrials in the distant past. While Ufology, the eons-long history of UFO sightings, and the planet-wide archaeological anomalies  play a prominent role in the series, the possibilities extend beyond those originally put forth in “Chariots of the Gods”.

The pilot episode of “Ancient Aliens” first aired on March 8, 2009. The first season began on April 20, 2010. (Nazi Conspiracy Theorists and Marijuana Enthusiasts can make what they want of the 4/20 date.) The 13th season of “Ancient Aliens” began on April 27, 2018. Early seasons stayed close to the Ancient Astronaut Theory … they came long ago; they left promising to return; we wait for their return. Flying Saucers 200As the series progressed from season to season, the message has morphed into they came long ago … and never left. Whether piloted craft or drones, somebody is flying those things.

The answer to “Where did they come from?” has evolved too. Among the possibilities discussed in the series are:

  • The original Ancient Astronauts idea … some far-off planet that’s either outside the Solar System or in an extreme orbit around the Sun (like Nibiru, the home of the Annunaki).
  • Mars … as the core of their planet cooled and they lost their protective magnetic field, the inhabitants of Mars saw this pretty blue-green sphere nearby and decided to move. Mars Candy W 221(Maybe Matt Damon isn’t the only Martian living here.) Mars PA 150Those of you who are old enough know that “The best candy on Earth comes from Mars.” On the other hand, many Pennsylvanians know that Mars is just a little town north of Pittsburgh.
  • Another dimension or a parallel universe … the idea of dimensions or universes other than the one we know has been a feature of science fiction for a long time. Now, with the various implications of the Theory of Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, String Theory, etc., the idea that we live in a Multiverse has entered the realm of science non-fiction.
  • The future … the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, now commonly known as a Wormhole, is a concept that’s consistent with the General Theory of Relativity. That doesn’t mean that wormholes exist, but if they do, they can connect any point in the space-time continuum with any other point. Even if wormholes don’t exist naturally, an advanced civilization probably could create them … allowing almost instantaneous travel to anywhere … or anywhen.

Why Are They Here?

A Conspiracy Theorist with even a modicum of creativity can think of any number of nefarious reasons why “aliens” might come here and manipulate our history. If they needed human agents, it wouldn’t be difficult to find greedy, self-serving human helpers. Negative conspiracies are easily concocted. A little paranoia goes a long way.

A more complex scenario would be two competing factions … one malicious; one benevolent. (Remember Enlil and Enki?) Those who claim to have interacted with extraterrestrials have spoken of several varieties. Could one or more groups be doing their best to protect us from one or more others? Nordics have typically been seen as “good aliens” while Reptilians are more often described as “bad aliens”. Perhaps this is just because the Nordics look more like us and/or many humans have a tendency toward Herpetophobia. They most commonly described extraterrestrials, the Greys, get mixed reviews. Perhaps the hypothesized competition is a civil war.

Hopeful Conspiracy Theories are the least common … perhaps because those of us with more untrusting natures are more likely to seek conspiracies. In hopeful Conspiracy Theories, the extraterrestrials have a clear connection to us … as our creators if the “aliens” are inter-dimensional; as our creators or ancestors if they are interplanetary; as our descendants in the “time-traveling aliens” scenario.

Between the “aliens” who are “out to get us” and those who are “here to help us” are those who are intent on “keeping us out of trouble”. In one respect, Enlil was right. Humans are noisy, prolific, and troublesome. Through most of our history, our technology has out-distanced our spirituality. After 200,000 years of existence and 10,000 years of “civilization”, we’re still killing each other. It’s all we can do to avoid total self-annihilation. If we had the level of technology that UFOs seem to exhibit … and the same lack of compassion and empathy we usually exhibit, we would eliminate all of humanity to rid the Universe of vermin. Fortunately, the Universe’s truly civilized beings are interested only in containing us until we “grow up”. Maybe someone once did the same for them.

Although the “time-travelling descendants” hypothesis seems the most unlikely, it is the one that most easily explains alien altruism … even in the case of what, at first impression, seem to be uncaring if not openly malicious behavior. In the past, we have been a remarkably short-sighted species considering our analytic abilities. There is little evidence that we’re likely to change anytime soon. Hybrid 00 200There are so many ways we might damage ourselves in the future. Other than total annihilation, perhaps the worst self-induced calamity would be destroying our ability to reproduce. Increasing longevity, cybernetics, or cloning would help for a while … or they could as easily be potential causes. In any case, there would still be a path to ultimate destruction through a path of ever-diminishing fertility.

Spurred by enlightened self-interest, time-traveling descendants might visit their ancestors in an attempt to guide them away from the path of self-destruction. Multiple Histories 200How might they accomplish their ends? Assuming they could send their temporal wormholes to anywhere and anywhen, they could intervene at critical points in the past. If they were doing that, we have no way of knowing how many times our past may have changed. Our memories would change with every tweak of history.

Don’t worry. Your past is probably intact. Our time-traveling descendants might be highly advanced mentally and technologically, but they wouldn’t be omniscient. Pointed meddling with important parts of the past is a good way to trip over the “Grandfather Paradox” and wipe yourself from existence. A safer way would be to start early in our history and become part of that history … guiding us across eons; maybe becoming part of the “us”. This would work for any benevolent extraterrestrials; not just time-travelers.

It’s more likely that our “alien” benefactors come from among our ancestors or creators. Throughout the world, we find evidence that civilization … human or otherwise … is much older than commonly believed. This evidence includes:

If “Ancient Aliens” were our ancestors … our many, many, many times great grandparents …, our current visitors/caretakers are our distant cousins. If the “Ancient Aliens” were our creators … probably using highly advanced biosciences …, they are likely to be interested in our progress. (In the Sumerian creation story told by Zecharia Sitchin, the Annunaki applied genetic engineering to add some of their DNA to earth-born hominids … and Enki considered us to be worth saving from his brother’s animosity.) Perhaps they or their descendants are like the Watchers mentioned in the biblical Book of Daniel and the apocryphal Books of Enoch.

The Watchers of old were said to have taken some of the “daughters of men” as wives. The ancient Greek god, Zeus, had a well-developed libido that resulted in various children … some with human mothers. One way or another many “Gods from Outer Space” mixed their genes with “humans”.

Starchild Skull 100The picture on the left is of an archeological find called the Starchild Skull. Starchild Skull Model 100The picture on the right is a model constructed by a forensic sculptor over a model of the Starchild Skull to show what the Starchild might have looked like while alive. The skull is believed to be that of a 4 to 5 year-old child, but has about 14% more volume than that of the average human adult. Mainstream archaeologists believe the skull to have belonged to a Hydrocephalic. Ancient Alien Theorists believe that it could be the skull of a human-alien hybrid. PEOPLE_02 with ETsThis aligns with the statements of some abductees who speak of being introduced to hybrid children … presumably their own offspring. Perhaps we are even less alone than we suspect. Perhaps these hybrids live among us.

Benevolent Conspiracy

One thing is almost certainly true. Maintaining a conspiracy in our high-tech world would be extremely difficult. We have never been very good at keeping secrets. High Tech World 01 200Communications technology has multiplied this inherent weakness a thousand times over … probably much more. Just ask one of the multitude of businesses that have suffered data breaches. To maintain a conspiracy today, one would certainly need technology that’s a lot more advanced than we use to protect our most sensitive secrets. Where would one get such technology? A much older civilization than ours might have it.

Any conspiracy worth its salt must have operatives … someone to forward its goals. Who would do that for a conspiracy guided by “aliens”? If the so-called “aliens” are our ancestors from an earlier civilization … or if we were literally created “in the image of the gods“, they’d easily pass as us. If they were extraterrestrial, extra-dimensional, or extra-temporal, could they act without human cooperation? Non-Human Aliens 75Probably not. Greys and Reptilians tend to “stick out in a crowd”. Hybrids 75Human-Alien Hybrids are a bit less conspicuous, but the hybrid children described by abductees look a bit odd. Nordic Aliens 75So called, Nordic Aliens look the most like us, but they’re almost too perfect. LOTR Elves 01 75They look more like the elves in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy than like most humans. No, it’s probable that the “aliens” would want human co-conspirators, but who?

The Weekly World News, the main source of genuine fake news, showed us that the WWN Alien and Previous 3 Presidents 150most public of the “aliens” working with the government of the United States met and endorsed Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. WWN Alien and Trump 150Sadly, the Weekly World News no longer publishes its newspaper. Fortunately, it still maintains a website. where we can see that the “official alien” has met with President Donald Trump, but did not endorse his candidacy nor his election. WWN Alien and Hillary 150Perhaps he believes our current President and some of his supporters to be untrustworthy. He couldn’t have endorsed Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. Their previous “relationship” would have been too much fodder for Trump and his supporters. (The Alien probably exposed all 4 presidents and all 2016 presidential candidates to something like the Neuralyzer in the Men in Black movies. Why take chances with politicians?)

The “aliens'” human co-conspirators would have to be incredibly dedicated to the cause of helping/protecting humanity … as dedicated as the “aliens” themselves. They’d have to be incredibly conscious of security and secrecy. They’d have to be highly skilled at and comfortable with the use of disinformation. Like Claude Rains character in “Casablanca“, we must “round-up the usual suspects” … the Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Knights Templar, the Rosicrucians, the Discordians, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the Bohemians, members of secret societies like Skull and Bones, Majestic 12 and/or MK Ultra, the combined Deep States and military of the many world nations, etc. Leaders in the disinformation campaign are the militaries who debunk the idea of “extraterrestrials” while working with and learning from them … and the Freemasons who are most often called upon to deny responsibility for the ultimate conspiratorial goal … a “New World Order”.

Those who seek wealth and power; those who want someone to blame for the condition of their lives; those whose mental state borders on (or fully embraces) paranoia see a “New World Order” in which a few evil people live in absolute power, wealth, and luxury while 99.99999% of humanity lives in poverty, disease, squalor, and slavery. Is that necessarily true? Of course not.

New Order of the Ages 100Remember this scroll from the bottom of the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States? “Novus Ordo Seclorum” means “New Order of the Ages”. Exactly what is this “New Order” that our Founders were bequeathing to the Ages? The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America gives us a clue.

United States 100We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Under the Articles of Confederation, the predecessor to the Constitution, the former colonies had an agreement of cooperation that was sufficient for carrying out a revolution. At the end of the American Revolution, those former colonies were essentially 13 small countries that had worked together to attain the common goal of independence. They were not yet a nation.

Where would the states be had they not become united? Where would two small adjacent countries … in constant political disagreement … be had not a civil war proved that we needed to remain united? Would California, Texas, and New York be the 5th, 10th, and 11th or 12th largest world economies respectively without the rest of the country?

The composition and eventual ratification of the Constitution for the United States of America would forge 13 tiny country-states into a single nation. It wasn’t easy. The Federalists wanted a strong central government; the Anti-Federalists wanted the states to retain most of their sovereignty. Small states wanted all states to have equal representation; large states wanted representation based on population. One of the few things upon which they agreed was that they did not want a Monarchy. They had had enough of that with England.

These conflicts … and others … were a Godsend (or, perhaps, “gods” send?). There is little doubt that those who created the Constitution were enlightened men. It was the ideals of The Enlightenment that had driven their dreams of independence. But … ideals take you only so far. The very practical need for compromise guided them to create a “New Order of the Ages” a Constitution that gave all sides some of what they wanted. …

In practice, the United States has not always been loyal to its ideals or even its laws. We had institutionalized slavery for 76 years (from the ratification of the Constitution to the ratification of the 13th Amendment) … and a legacy of racism that still exists.  Within 86 years of its creation, the U.S. Congress passed the first of a long history of immigration laws that have been based mostly upon racism and xenophobia. In the early 19th Century, attacks on Native Americans bordered on genocide. Women were not allowed to vote for 131 years. Native Americans were not even citizens until 4 years later. During World War II, we relocated and imprisoned between 110 and 120 thousand of our own citizens in camps for no other reason than that they shared the national ancestry of one of our enemies.

In spite of these horrendous backslidings, we slowly have made … and continue to make … progress toward forming a more perfect Union. We have generally maintained a Constitutional rule of law for a democratic republic that has lasted over 230 years … so far. Given the right circumstances and similarly enlightened persons, might a Constitutionally protected World Government not be possible?

We have made some attempts at international government. The League of Nations was one such attempt. League of Nations 100The League’s primary goals, as stated in its Covenant, included … preventing wars through collective security and disarmament and settling international disputes through negotiation and arbitration. Other issues in this and related treaties included … labour conditions, just treatment of native inhabitants, human and drug trafficking, the arms trade, global health, prisoners of war, and protection of minorities in Europe.

The League was to include a General Assembly representing all member states, an Executive Council composed of the major powers, and a permanent secretariat. Member states were expected to “respect and preserve as against external aggression” the territorial integrity of other members, and to disarm “to the lowest point consistent with domestic safety”. All states were to submit complaints for arbitration or judicial inquiry before going to war. The Executive Council would create a Permanent Court of International Justice to make judgements on the disputes. In spite of its lofty goals, some members of the U.S. Senate opposed a section calling for assistance to be given to a member that experiences external aggression (similar to NATO‘s Article 5). Without Senate support, President Woodrow Wilson could not ratify U.S. membership. Without the United States, the League of Nations failed but, perhaps the World had moved a tiny bit closer to unity.

Our latest … and ongoing attempt at a “New World Order” is the United Nations. It began withUnited Nations 100 “The Declaration of the United Nations” that was signed by 47 countries by March 1, 1945. According to the U.N. Charter:

Membership in the United Nations is open to all other peace-loving states that accept the obligations contained in the present Charter and, in the judgment of the Organization, are able and willing to carry out these obligations. The admission of any such state to membership in the United Nations will be effected by a decision of the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Security Council.

The Charter’s Preamble states:



to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind, and

to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small, and

to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained, and

to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom,

and for these ends

to practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbours, and

to unite our strength to maintain international peace and security, and

to ensure, by the acceptance of principles and the institution of methods, that armed force shall not be used, save in the common interest, and

to employ international machinery for the promotion of the economic and social advancement of all peoples,

have resolved to combine our efforts to accomplish these aims.

Accordingly, our respective Governments, through representatives assembled in the city of San Francisco, who have exhibited their full powers found to be in good and due form, have agreed to the present Charter of the United Nations and do hereby establish an international organization to be known as the United Nations.

The United Nations has been a bit more successful than the League. For one thing, the U.N. still exists. Having been established on October 24, 1945, it has existed for nearly 73 years. There were only 21 years between World War I and World War II. Although we have come close, we have not had a World War III … mostly because of the “gift” of mutually assured destruction provided by vast arsenals of thermonuclear weapons, but in part because the U.N. provides a forum for settling international “disagreements”.

The U.N. has had the most success with its humanitarian endeavors such as UNICEF, UNESCO, the World Health Organization, and the World Food Programme. Many of its problems revolve around the veto power held by the 5 permanent members of the Security Council. Any one of these permanent members can stop the passage of any substantive resolution by voting against it. This prevents dominance by the United States whose economic and/or military power could sway two or three other countries’ votes … and, it prevents passage of any but the most innocuous resolutions. The Security Council’s ability to pass controversial resolutions is worse than the ability of  the U.S. Congress to pass laws (if that’s even possible).

  • The Republic of China used its veto power only once between 1946 when it joined the Security Council and 1971 when it was replaced by the People’s Republic of China. Since then, the People’s Republic of China has used its veto power 11 times.
  • The last time France used its veto power unilaterally was 1976. The last time it used its veto power with one or more other countries was 1989.
  • The Soviet Union was responsible for almost half of the vetoes in the history of the U.N. … 79. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russia has used the veto more sparingly. Since the late 2000s, it used the veto more often … to stop resolutions against military operations in which it was involved.
  • The United Kingdom used its veto power 32 times … between October 1956 and December 1989.
  • The United States cast its first veto in 1970. It is the most frequent user of the veto power … mostly against resolutions criticizing Israel for one thing or another.

This unilateral veto power has prevented the United Nations from passing resolutions that might have stopped some major human rights violations and military incursions in their tracks … especially if the U.N. had a better means of enforcing its decisions. On the positive side, news that U.N. members were discussing these problems changed world-wide public opinion that may have prevented them from becoming worse.


Defining the Conspiracy

Conspiracy 03 500Let’s create our Conspiracy Theory. Here’s one idea of a procedure for doing so. We should be able to do a bit better than that.

If the often-feared “New World Order” is to benefit humanity, what would it have to be? Thinker 36The only example we have that seems to be working at all is the United States. Let’s assume that the “New World Order” would have to be a democratic republic based on a Constitution that forms the basis for a rule of law rather than the rule of any individual(s). How do we conspirators get there from here?

The United States of America started as 13 colonies … individually governed at the local level … revolting against an oppressive monarchy. The only way to reproduce that on a planetary scale would be to have someone against whom all of the world’s nations could revolt. We have two possible “someones”:

  1. Our “alien” co-conspirators could make themselves known, overwhelm us with vastly superior technology, and become “oppressors”.
  2. A single nation could conquer the rest of the world and become “oppressors”.

Both of these options present serious problems. Human conquest on any large-scale requires war. Wars are notoriously messy. War on a planetary scale … a literal World War III would kill billions of us and might cripple our infrastructure for decades. Even if “alien oppressors” used non-lethal, non-destructive weaponry, we wouldn’t similarly restrain ourselves. If the “oppressor” were one of the world’s nations … probably the United States thanks to superior weaponry …, it would be even worse. Besides, all previous attempts at world conquest by a single nation have either failed or ended in a decline in civilization. Just ask Sargon Of Akkad or … Alexander the Great or … Julius Caesar or … Genghis Khan or … Napoleon or … Hitler or …

Another approach would be to bring the world to the razor’s edge of thermonuclear war to convince us that we have no choice but to unite. This idea was explored, to some extent, in “Assignment Earth“, an episode of the original Star Trek. Although the premise was getting us to change our behavior rather than create a “New World Order”, the story did include time travelers and extraterrestrials. We (humanity) actually tried this one … in 1962 and again in 1983. Several times, our technology tried to start the missiles flying. None of these episodes resulted in world unity. Maybe we need to bring ourselves closer to self-annihilation.

Probably the safest and most benevolent way for the “aliens” to guide our growth is in secret. Eisenhower wirh ET 150Until we have become more humane, it’s best that we “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain“. Like Jean Luc Picard in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, “First Contact“, our “cousins” might contact … and, perhaps, work with our Majestic 12 150most level-headed and trustworthy leaders … or committees absolutely loyal to world peace reporting to such leaders …, but would keep any intervention subtle and secret.

The best kept secrets are often those that everybody knows, but nobody believes. Although humans all over the world  have been seeing strange things in the skies for centuries, it wasn’t until Roswell in 1947 that the modern campaign of disinformation began. It didn’t take long before most of the world’s population believed that all UFO sightings were lies, swamp gas, insane rantings, etc.

What can we believe? Is the Face on Mars real or Face on Mars Real or Illusion 100an illusion of light and shadow … or is the picture on the right retouched disinformation? Is there a Pyramid of the Moon? Pyramid of the Moon 100(Yes, it’s at Teotihuacan. On the other hand, there are photos that seem to show pyramids on the Moon … and on Mars too.) Were there secret Apollo missions that discovered an “alien” base on the far side of the Moon? Can we ignore UFO sightings by astronauts? Crop Circle Fake or Real 100Are crop circles “alien communications” or just the work of a couple of British pranksters? (If the latter, those guys are the greatest world travelers ever.) Are there “alien” civilizations working for us or against us … or both?


To the Internet!

“Is any of this making a bit of goddamned sense?!” (See image above.) Well … some of it does … but we’ll spell it out here on the Internet anyway.

  1. We are not alone. Since long before recorded history, we have shared the Earth with two or more advanced civilizations. Whether they are extraterrestrials or the remnants of a lost Earth-born society is irrelevant.
  2. These advanced beings have been watching us since we descended from the trees and learned to walk on our hind legs. Indeed, they may have intervened in our evolution through genetic engineering or the infusion of some of their own genetic material.
  3. Alien Groups 200There are two or more groups of “aliens” interacting with us. One group treats us the way we have too often treated animals … as objects to be exploited for study and experimentation or as tools to be used for their own ends. Like Enlil, they consider us to be beneath consideration.
    The second group, like Enki, treats us with compassion … as their children, their descendants, their distant cousins … or, at the very least, as their beloved pets. This group sees us (and probably other “child species”) as potential future members of their larger civilization.
    There may be other groups who are simply trying to protect us from interference by anybody else … or, to protect others from us until we “grow up”. Earth is a zoo or sanctuary to them.
  4. The exploitive “aliens” doesn’t care whether we believe in their existence or not. They know that there’s little we can do to stop them. Angry Villiagers 01 200They don’t even try to hide their atrocities. The benevolent group has it harder. Knowing that we can’t even get along with each other, it’s obvious that “landing on the White House lawn” is not an option. We are prone to fear and prone to turning that fear into violence. They guide and educate us “behind the curtain” of trusted human confederates … who share their allegiance to the cause of improving the human condition … and who can keep a secret.
  5. While the “bad aliens” may seem to be winning in the short-run … World Wars, Assassinations, 21st Century Neo-Nationalism, etc. …, the long view of history indicates that we, as a species, are becoming more “civilized”. In the long-run, it’s probable that the guidance of  the “good aliens” is working.
  6. As we progress … technologically, socially, and spiritually …, when our “alien cousins” Friendly Aliens 03 200and their human colleagues believe enough of us are ready to embrace a larger view of life, they will initiate “first contact” … and a lot of our current mysteries will give way to the greater Mystery of interplanetary (or inter-dimensional or inter-temporal) existence and civilization. A “New World Order” for planet Earth will be obvious and desirable.

The “New World Order” will be different from anything that has been imagined. It will not be Hell on Earth … nor will it be Heaven. The former sounds unpleasant; the latter sounds boring. Earth will remain a human world, but humanity will no longer be driven by fear … of hunger; of poverty; of sickness; of greed; of hate; or of anything else that eats away at one’s spirit and potential. When we learn who they are, we will learn who we are as well.


What’s Taking So Long?

As a species, we’re really slow learners. Across the ages, many spiritual leaders … ZoroasterSiddhārtha Gautama, Confucius, Enoch, AbrahamMosesEzra, Jesus, Muhammad, Joseph Smith, Mary Baker Eddy, Helena BlavatskyWovoka, Jane Roberts, etc., etc., etc. … have been trying to teach us … with greater or lesser accuracy and success … what it means to be “civilized”. Civilization 250Many were probably instructed by “aliens”. Some may have been “aliens” themselves. (Almost certainly, the “gods” of the ancient pantheons were “aliens”. They helped us get started, but were only slightly more “civilized” than we are.)

At the core of all religion and philosophy is the same message. Nothing … from the most powerful being to the smallest speck of dust; from all the mass of galaxies and breadth of the Universe to the tiniest bit of the stuff from which everything is made … is without value. Nothing can exist without all the rest.

Virus 75 CroppedWe tend to believe that some of creation is alive and some is not, but run into trouble when we try to define life. We say a tree is alive and a rock is not. Why? Is a Virus alive? Maybe; maybe not. What about Tardigrades? ANIMALs_158 75They can be dried up and seemingly dead for decades, but add water and they get back to the business of their lives. They can survive exposure to the vacuum and cold of space. These little guys will be around long Fire 75after the cockroach is extinct. Why isn’t fire alive? It “springs to life”; it consumes matter to produce energy; it grows; it reproduces; it “dies out”, yet we deny it the status of being alive.

The spark of creation exists everywhere. The consciousness of the All-That-Is exists in everything.

Whose world is it? When that question no longer makes sense to most of us, we will have “grown up”. When a “New World Order” is obviously beneficial to all … when one last revelation is the only thing we need to become citizens of the universe …, our “alien” protectors, teachers, and cousins will pull back the curtain.




Yeah, but …

What if …

… Shape-shifting Extraterrestrials or Human-alien Hybrids have already infiltrated powerful positions?


Putin and Trump Hybrids 200

Oh right …

Those guys couldn’t be “aliens”. One of them is a power-hungry  paranoid and the other is an egomaniac who can’t keep his mouth shut about anything.


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