Election 2020 #5


We have all sorts of names for groups of animals. Some are commonly known … a Swarm of Bees, a Flock of Birds, a Pod of Dolphins, a Gaggle of Geese, a Pride of Lions, or a Pack of Wolves. Some are odd … a Congregation of Alligators, a Murder of Crows, a Badling of Ducks, a Convocation of Eagles, a Court of Kangaroos or, an Exaltation of Larks. Some are humorously descriptive … a Glaring of Cats, a Tower of Giraffes, a Gaze of Raccoons, a Mischief of Rats, a Surfeit of Skunks, a Scurry of Squirrels, a Rafter of Turkeys, and, of course, a Congress of Baboons.

What do you call 52 Senators who voted to acquit President Donald J. Trump on both articles of impeachment … a Cowardice, a Whimpering, a “Sycophantry“? How about a “Terror of Trumpists”?[1]

23 Seats

The terms of twenty-three members of the “Terror of Trumpists” expire in 2020. Three of them are retiring. That leaves 20 seeking reelection.

Senators 5 x 4

Regardless of what they may have said to the Press during the Senate Impeachment Trial, these Senators showed their true values by voting “Nay!”[2]  on both articles of Impeachment. If you live in the state of any of these Senators … and if you are opposed to the “Mobster-in-Chief” …, vote for the incumbent’s opponent who is most likely to win[3]  in November’s General Election.

These three Senators also voted “Nay!”. They are not seeking reelection, but their seats need to be filled by non-Trumpists too.

Not Seeking Reelection 

What’s Done is Done. What’s the Point?

The trial is finished. The “Orange Man” is off the hook. Other than revenge on the Trumpists, what difference does it make? The difference is the Future. Consider the following points in the context of the Constitution of the United States: 

  • After a bill is passed by both houses of Congress, it goes to the President to be signed or vetoed.
  • If the President vetoes the bill, a two-thirds vote from each house of Congress overrides that veto.
  • The Senate has 100 members … two from each state. Two-thirds of 100 is 67.
  • There are currently 45 Democrats and 2 Independents in opposition to the Trumpist majority.
  • If those 47 seats can be retained and 20 Trumpists defeated,[4]  the Senators opposing the Trumpists will have control of the Senate and their half of a veto-proof majority.

There are 435 seats in the House of Representatives. Democrats hold 232 seats. An additional 58 seats would give them the 290 seats needed for their two-thirds majority.

What’s the point? If we all stick together and vote on November 3rd, we can neuter the “Terror of Trumpists” and their lawless leader … even if Trump were to be reelected.

Bonus Points

The Constitution does not prohibit any public official from being impeached more than once. Even in criminal law, there is no prohibition on an individual being indicted and tried for a different offense. President Trump is a lifetime member of the “Offense of the Month Club”. Sooner or later (probably sooner), he will commit another act or series of acts that rise to the Constitutional level of “other high Crimes and Misdemeanors”. Trump has at least one heavily investigated offense that the House of Representatives did not include in his recent impeachment … the subject of Volume II of the Mueller Report, Obstruction of Justice.[5]

If by some horrendous circumstance … whether it be election interference, some Vice President Mike Pence 200anomaly of the Electoral College, poor voter turnout, or a continuing delusion among the electorate … Donald Trump is reelected, an anti-Trumpist House can impeach him on whichever of his lawless and autocratic is most easily proved … to an anti-Trumpist Senate with a 2/3 majority. Upon Trump’s removal from office, Vice President Mike Pence will be sworn in as President.[6]

President Pence would be beyond reproach, right? Probably not. During the recent impeachment investigation, some of the testimony implied and other testimony outright stated that the Vice President Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi 200was “in the loop” regarding Trump’s Ukrainian machinations. It seems likely that he’d be “in the loop” with other Trumpian schemes. Like so many others in Trump’s Administration, Mike Pence has made his deal with the devil. Conspiring in “high Crimes and Misdemeanors” is itself a high crime and misdemeanor.  President Pence might quickly find himself the subject of Impeachment investigations, indictment, and trial. Who is next in the line of Presidential Succession? Current law says it’s whoever happens to be the Speaker of the House.[7]

Is that the anti-Trumpists lowering themselves to the level of their opponents to get revenge … or, is it just ironic and poetic justice?



One Last Word …

I don’t want to end this article without giving due credit to the last Republican in the Senate, Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney 200I don’t agree with a lot of Senator Romney’s views, but by voting “Yay!” on Impeachment Article I, Obstruction of Justice, he showed that he is a person of conscience who takes his oath of office seriously and has not fallen under the thrall of either Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell.Milk Toast 150

Senator Romney, I know that, as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, you eschew beverages containing alcohol or caffeine. To honor you while respecting your beliefs, I toast you … with a glass of milk.



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End Notes
  1. Many of them are members of a “Reaper of McConnellists” too. There’s a lot of overlap between these two groups who call themselves Republicans while ignoring most of the long-held tenants of the Republican Party.
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  2. In an Impeachment Trial, a “Nay” vote is a vote for acquittal.
    Return to Point of Reference

  3. Usually the opponent who is “most likely to win” will be a Democrat, but could be an Independent in a few states. Most of the time, voting for a fringe candidate or staying at home is a vote for the incumbent.
    Return to Point of Reference

  4. 03 Who Would Be President 250One of these anti-Trumpists could be elected President. If that were to occur, 21 Trumpist Senators would have to be replaced. Fortunately, 23 Trumpist seats will be open on November 3, 2020.
    Return to Point of Reference

  5. Article II of the recent Impeachment and Trial of President Trump was “Obstruction of Congress”. Although “Obstruction of Justice” may have the same underlying motive, it is a different offense.
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  6. Those who are old enough to have lived during the Watergate scandal and the resignation of President Richard Nixon may recall that Vice President Gerald Ford issued a full and unconditional pardon to Nixon for any crimes he may have committed against the United States. A President could do the same for an impeached, convicted, and removed from office Donald Trump but, Trump might not get away scot-free. The governments of California, New Jersey, and New York are investigating some of Trump’s more questionable activities in their states. A President cannot pardon those convicted at a state level. If Trump is found guilty of any crimes in any of those states, he would be subject to whatever that state’s laws dictate.
    Return to Point of Reference

  7. On her second successful bid for Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi won out over those in her party who were supporting younger candidates by promising to not run for another term when the next Congress convenes on January 3, 2021. Considering how well she’s done the job in this Congress, I suspect even her former detractors will encourage her to run again.
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